Friday, September 30, 2011

Get Involved!

I've been talking about the "tools" to fight modern slavery. But what are they? Here is a list of resources to help you learn how you can get involved in ending modern slavery and human trafficking.

 1.    Get educated about modern slavery. and are great websites with a lot of current information and news clips.

2    2Evaluate your buying patterns. Check to see whether you are purchasing items made with slave labor (and therefore supporting modern slavery). is a wonderful resource that will help you. 
      3. Consider buying your clothing and other products fair trade. Fair trade products are certified that they were made honestly with no slave labor. There are many, many websites that sell fair trade products. In bigger cities there are stores committed to selling only fair trade products as well. Fair trade products are more expensive but it's because the workers are earning a living wage instead of forced to work for nothing.

3.   4.  Sponsor a victim of trafficking so that they can receive treatment and job training. You can actually fund a rescue operation as well.

4.   5. Host a documentary “party.” This is a great way to communicate the reality of modern slavery with family, friends, clubs, etc. A documentary, planning guide and discussion questions are available at:
      6. Get plugged into the movement! There are many groups that are available to keep you informed and help you get creative as you communicate the need to end modern slavery. The following websites are two examples.

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